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Quantum Extended Duration Levitators


The Quantum Enhanced-Duration Levitators are the perfect tool for science demonstrations & visual display. Engineered with years of experience & knowhow in cryogenics, these levitators offer the optimal balance between levitation strength and levitation time.

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These new levitators offer 2-3x times longer levitation times compared to our standard ones. This means you’ll have more time to explain and discuss the physics or just appreciate their magic instead of constantly refilling with Liquid Nitrogen. They also come with a 6-months no-questions-asked full warranty (see terms&conditions).

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Quantum Levitation levitators are powered by THEVA superconductors www.theva.com

Lead time:  3-4 business days

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Additional Information

Levitator Size

Medium (Ø4.5 cm,H1.5 cm), Large (Ø7 cm,H1.5 cm),

Available to ship

2-3 weeks

Package dimensions

20x7x5 cm