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Quantum Enhanced Levitators


The Quantum Enhanced Levitators are intended for science demonstrations & visual display*. They are easy to use and highly durable. The levitators are provided with a 6 months full no-questions-asked warranty (see terms&conditions).
The Quantum Enhanced Levitators, having extra superconducting material, are able to carry light weight (<200gr) when used in conjunction with a suitable magnetic setup or track. The X strong Enhanced Levitators can carry weight of 500gr.

Compare the different levitators here.

Quantum Levitation levitators are powered by THEVA superconductors www.theva.com

* Enhanced levitators can be used as a serving platform for culinary purposes.

Lead time: 3-5 business days

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  • Quantum Enhanced Levitators.
  • Perspex tray.
  • Plastic tweezers.
  • User manual.
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Additional Information

Levitator Size

Medium (Ø4.5 cm,H1.5 cm), Large (Ø7 cm,H1 cm), Large X strong (Ø7 cm,H1.5 cm)

Available to ship

2-3 weeks

Package dimensions

20x7x5 cm