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Michelin Star restaurants share their enthusiasm for Quantum Presentation.

“We’d long been searching for a visual effect that would accurately convey our innovative approach to cuisine. When we came across Quantum Presentation, we instantly knew we had to incorporate this into our menu. Even the most well-traveled culinary aficionados are absolutely mesmerized by the dishes that levitate in front of them.” 


Quantum Presentation adds an entirely new dimension to artful plating. From stunning appetizers to surprising palette cleansers and memorable desserts, your unique vision can take flight in a variety of forms. Our playful integration of physics and careful approach to design is attracting attention in the world’s premier culinary outlets and fine dining establishments in North America, Europe and Asia. Why not indulge your guests in an experience that captures the senses; one they’ll rave about for years to come?

The Science: 

Unparalleled Chill

Using superconductors cooled in liquid nitrogen at -200C, our levitators hover over a magnetic field and are quantumly locked into place until the internal temperature rises.

Depending upon dishes’ size and weight, levitation lasts anywhere from two to five minutes--perfect for kitchen or tableside assembly. Our bases are designed to be as versatile as your cuisine, offering frictionless motion when placed over circular or angled magnetic tracks to create sensational spinning or pendulum-like swinging.

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